Monarch Midi Water Softener With 1 Inch Upgrade for 28mm Supply

Monarch Midi Water Softener With 1 Inch Upgrade for 28mm Supply
Monarch Midi  Ultimate water softener
Must be used with 28mm Fitting Kit

Monarch Midi Water Softener -  Best value water softener on the Internet! 

Monarch Midi Ultimate Water Softeners have the highest flow rate in the industry
and the lowest pressure drops
NOW WITH 7 YEAR GUARANTEE - 2 Years Labour 7 Years Parts

If you have a 28mm supply, you will need Monarchs 1" upgrade.

This converts the connections on Monarch softeners to 1" male threads and also includes a pair of 1" flexible hoses.

For families of 4-7 people in hard water areas or 4-5 people in very hard water areas, family size is based on allowing 160 litres per person per day (35 gallons).

Probably the best selling & most economical softener you can buy.


- Height: 585mm / Width: 275mm / Depth 460mm
- Slide on rear cover
- Water use per regeneration - 58 litres
- Proportional Brining
- Max flow rate: 78 litres per minute
- Free Flow Valve Technology
- Suitable for 15, 22 & 28mm supplies
- Easy push button set up
- Unique 'self protect programme'
- Safe low voltage electronics
- Up to 57% salt savings
- Food grade resin
- All valves wet tested prior to use

The Benefits of Soft Water
The installation of your water softener will bring immediate benefits to both you and your water system.
As soon as you turn on the tap, you will feel the luxury of soft water. Gone will be the days of using twice as much soap as necessary, because with soft water the lather comes easily and lasts longer.
Your glasses and dishes dry spotless and there will be no need to put anymore salt in your dishwasher.
The cost of washing powder, shampoos, soaps etc will be reduced by up to 50%, and will truly prove beyond doubt ?t water saves you money.
You will see a difference in the time spent cleaning baths, sinks, taps and shower screens. Never again will you return to find then covered in scale and scum, the moment they are used with soft water, baths stay bright, taps sparkling.
Probably the most important benefit of soft water will be noticed in your hot water system. As soon as a softener is installed it will begin to MDESCale your system and increase its life expectancy. With no scale to heat first, you immediately start to save on heating bills by up to 70%.

Why Monarch?

There is something very special about a Monarch Water Softener, the secret lies in the resin.
It is the resin used that determines the quality of your soft water.Every model in the Monarch range uses a specially purified Food Grade Resin that guarantees you not only soft water, but soft water of the highest quality.

Model Selection Guide:
Family Size Models
Hard Water*
Very Hard Water**
MiniAqua or Midi

*Hard Water = up to 350ppm. **Very Hard Water = between 360-450ppm
Family size is based on allowing 160 litres per person per day (35 gallons)

Litres of Solvent Free Resin
Salt Use per Regeneration (kg)
Flow Rates - lpm*
Standard kit/ Maxflow-PSK
0.9 - 1.6
1.0 - 1.9
1.6 - 3.0


 The illustration below shows a typical water softener layout which you may find of interest. All Monarch softeners use high quality components and are designed for maximum durability and reliability.      


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