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Monarch Scaleout SXP22 Includes 22mm Hoses and Installation Kit

Monarch Scaleout SXP22 Includes 22mm Hoses and Installation Kit

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SCALEOUT SXP22 Water Hardness Less Than 480ppm

INCLUDES POST FILTER , FREE 22MM HOSES & FULL INSTALLATION KIT for Pressurised / Megaflow / Unvented Systems

Replaces SC3- For Megaflow-Pressurised-Unvented System

Scaleout XP, Monarch’s next best thing to a water softener introduces its new advanced technology which is the only limescale control device to permanently remove and prevent the damage caused by hard water. Whilst reducing the impact of scale it is now more powerful in its performance and protection to remove existing scale and prevent new scale forming, is compact and easily installed, uses no electricity and is the only scale inhibitor giving permanent treatment.

With Monarch’s Scaleout XP the quality of the drinking water is not affected. During the limescale prevention process, no minerals or magnesium are removed. It is safe to drink all day, every day.

Scaleout XP is Monarch’s ultimate in permanent scale protection for the whole house and its appliances.

Product Description

 Removes existing scale

 Prevents new scale forming

 Whole house protection

 Compact and easy to install

 22mm supplies

 UV resistant finish

 Environmentally friendly

Minimum dynamic pressure required - 1.5bar

Monarch Scaleout XP Brochure
Scaleout XP Install Guide

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