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Ultimate Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System - Quick Change - 4 Stage

Ultimate Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System - Quick Change - 4 Stage

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Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System - Quick Change - 4 Stage

NSF Certified Parts - CE - Next Day Delivery

The Ultimate Water Filter
For the very finest drinking water possible.
Do you want to have the highest standard of crystal clear drinking water on tap every day and are fed up spending money on inferior quality bottled water?
This is the ultimate water purifier and overcomes any concern over water quality. Supplied with all necessary parts for easy installation, it gives a constant supply of fresh, pure clean water all day, every day.
It removes virtually all impurities via a special internal filter (membrane) to give scale and scum free water on tap all day, every day, for the highest quality drinking water you will ever experience.
Additionally a series of in line high quality cartridges removes chlorine, sediment, bad tastes and odours, organic chemicals, herbicides and pesticides, etc
Contaminant Removal

Impurity                              Rejection %

Sodium fluoride                               93-95

Sodium cyanide                             90-95

Sodium chloride                             94-98

Silica                                              85-90

Sodium bicarbonate                      94-98

Sodium nitrate                               94-96

Magnesium                                     93-95

Calcium                                          96-98

Magnesium sulphate                     97-98

Nickel sulphate                               97-98

Copper sulphate                             97-98

Lead                                               95-99

Phosphates                                    97-98

Polyphosphates                             97-98

Bacteria                                          99+

Lactic acid                                      94-96

Chlorine & bad tastes and odours98-99

Cadmium                                       95-98

Zinc                                                97-99

Mercury                                          95-97

Fluoride                                          93-95

Aluminium                                      97-98

Under sink type with Quick Change filter 
No Wrenches! Filter  Cartridges are connected and removed with a simple 1/4 turn. 
Filters:1st: PP  10 MICRON Sediment
           2nd: Granular activated carbon     
           3rd: TFC 50 GPD Reverse Osmosis  
           4th: Post Carbon: Granular activated carbon quick change 
 4-way shutoff valve 
All food grade material     
Operating pressure:  40~100PSI
Functional components have been  passed cycle or burst testing (Conform with NSF test standard) 
100,000 times strict cycle test under 60PSI water pressure (For completed unit) 
Dimensions(WxDxH): 355x145x391mm(excluded tank)
Cartridges: Pre-Sediment, Pre-Carbon & Post-Carbon -  change every 6 months
Membrane: Change upon exhaustion

This system is a DIY installation as it comes with saddle valve for easy connect to cold feed water supply undersink.

Replacement Filter Kit available for £30 Only!
Please note
The input water must meet the following criteria for proper Reverse Osmosis function:
Temperature must be less than 45 degrees Celsius
Iron content no more than 0.1 ppm
Water pressure must me a mimimum of 40psi 2.2 Bar (80 psi optimum)

PH not less than 3 and not more than 11TDS under 1000 ppm recommended

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